I am a London based Artist.and Photographer .  I trained as a classical Ballet dancer at the LEGAT school of Russian Ballet here in the UK. Here I studied Art in the important art department gaining prestigious diplomas. I went on to follow my Ballet Career training gaining entrance to two Ballet Companies covering a wide repertoire both classical and contemporary works. Following on to Musical Theatre as an actor/dancer both in the West-End and Touring Companies.

I went on to becoming an Actor first in Theatre gaining leads, such  as Bernardo in “West Side Story”gaining many roles in TV such as  “Dr Who”  and films like “A Bridge Too Far”.

During this time I continued to paint and draw and cultivated my own style and also included the Art of Photography. Building up a catalogue for my portfolio, first as a professional Model working world wide and then becoming a Professional Photographer in fashion,editoral and Art. Both in the UK and Europe.

As a dancer foremost; it has greatly influenced me when it comes to my Art.In my Paintings and Drawings, I like to use fluid lines of colour weaving over and under patterns, ridge, straight lines, structure contrasting themes.

Like Dancers, building up a strong technique; to enable free expression, explore the space to flow, suspend, turn and spin using colour and texture. With this concept I can relate to my Paintings.

Working mostly Gouache paint, pen and ink, crayon, pencil, wax and gold leaf. I use various papers such as German engraving, Platinum engraving also drawings on Japanese rice paper.

I have a catalogue of printed works from my original Paintings and Drawings.